Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Whatcha Do? Wednesday

Just a short post to rub in how awesomely fun my day was...

This here's my new friend Nick. He's a fellow Metalocalypse enthusiast, and totally brightened my morning! His dreads are also pretty rad, just a bit messy at the roots.

Here he is all maintained! (I'm totally using that photo on the right for advertising purposes.)His dreads make a serious case for leaving your ends loose - those curls are seriously hot.

Speaking of hot...

Lara cruised by and snagged an open spot in my afternoon, and I'm so glad. It's always a blast to hear what's going on with this new mom on the serious go! (Plus, she forever earned a place in my heart by naming her daughter the coolest baby name ever.) This was a 100% collarborative art project ;)

Cody here is new to me. He's had his dreads done at Knotty Boy before, but never by me. I'm so glad we got to meet, and his dreads were a pleasure to work on. Poor guy, I had to really reef on a few of his bigger sections. Props to him for not axe murdering me during those ones - he didn't make a sound, and assured me that I wasn't hurting him. What a gentleman! Not to mention a pretty decent liar ;)

I'm off to round out this totally-packed-with-rad day by rollerskating around outside in subzero temperatures! Lucky for me I have so many warm fuzzy memories of the day to keep me toasty (and Sock Monkey Mittens will help.)

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