Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jonathan Brookins In The (Big Green) House!

For those of you not in the MMA know, this is Jonathan Brookins, winner of 'The Ultimate Fighter' Season 12 and currently fighting in the Lightweight division of the UFC!

Like the picture shows, he's got some pretty awesome curls going on, but all that gorgeous hair is a serious hindrance during his intense training. It flies all over the place, and gets trapped while grappling; even for a seriously tough dude, that sucks. So, when he decided dreadlocks might be the way to go, he called up Knotty Boy for some expert advice. Turns out he'd had a bad experience in the past trying to get dreads started with more old-sc
hool twist techniques, so The Lock Shop stepped up and invited Jonathan to the big green house for a (totally manly) makeover!

This service was such a pleasure! Jonathan was a wonderful guest and was more th
an patient with two girls reefing on his head at once. Becca and I rocked this out together in what I think was about 5 hours - but to be honest, we were having too good a time to really notice. Good tunes, great peeps. Lots of laughing! An awesome day to do what we do. We both hope to see him in the shop again, but at least I know I can keep tabs on his dreads by watching the fights... and don't think I won't call if I see he isn't doing his homework! I really think he's going to find this style so much easier to keep in check. The maintenance will be minimal, and with his fine texture they ought to be felted up in no time at all!

Seriously, how well do dreads suit this guy?! So cute!

There are plenty of folks who still hear "UFC" and instantly dismiss those involved as violent 'roid-raging streetfighters. Hell, hosting MMA in Vancouver was straight up illegal until 2009! I challenge anyone to spend 30 seconds with Jonathan and hold onto that outdated thought; this is a disciplined, hardworking, and deeply humble man. (And too bad for all the haters out there: he's also really, really nice on top of it.)

*As with all the athletes that stop by my chair, the subject of sweating and shampooing did come up. While it's ideal to keep your washing down to about once a week, everyone's head is different. The main thing is to ensure that the dread is completely dry before it gets wet again. For in between shampoos, Knotty Boy just released Natural MISTic - a rad new spray that kills odor-causing bacteria without needing to wet your hair! It smells awesome too.*