Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Peeps Doing Good

Some of you might know that in September of last year, I started skating with the Terminal City Roller Girls derby league, and a couple weeks ago I was lucky enough to be drafted onto house team The Riot Girls. This is one of my freshly minted teammates and fellow Fresh Meat '11, Cassandra Pain!

C.Pain's a play on Batgirl, but if this girl had a superpower it'd be growing obscene amounts of long gorgeous blond hair in absurdly short periods of time. (Cue inhuman jealousy!) It's borderline unfair. C.Pain's what I'd call a 'reluctant hair farmer'. Totally unreasonably in my mind, she's not really into having all this hair. So, what's a good-hearted gal to do?

"I donate my hair because there's not a lot else I can do. I'm not science minded so I can't find the cure for cancer. I don't make a lot of money so donating is difficult, however my hair grows at a ridiculous rate, so I can donate that! Knowing that my hair will help make someone who is going through a really rough time feel better is a great feeling.

I'm more than happy to help with such a rad cause! We're both loving the new cute 'do, even though I'm always trying to fluff it up after it's been mashed down under her helmet all practice. (She puts up with me.) C.Pain left me with this link if you're thinking of donating your hair and doing some good yourself!