Friday, May 6, 2011

Dread Do-Over

Saturday last I met with Joel at the Lock Shop. He was totally unhappy with the state of his dreads, and I get where he's coming from; when he first took his hat off, I had to strain just to see any. His hair had barely started to knot together up nearer the roots, and the lengths were still totally loose. Joel's hair as-is would eventually dread with enough hard work, but a Reconstruction service would fast forward this undone phase and cut out months of daily backcombing and waxing.

Like all my fave reconstructions, Joel's was made so much easier by having essentially sound sectioning. There were really only a few points where it was necessary to reshape the section at the root, usually because of either awkward angles or poor sizing. For the most part I was able to simply clean up what was already there section-wise, then weave from there to the tip of the dread - creating solid knots from top to bottom. I'm wicked grateful he was an hour and half early for his appointment, because I just barely got Joel out the door at closing time, about 5 hours after we started. This was a lot more work than I was expecting at 3pm on a Saturday!

I'm very grateful to Joel for the opportunity to restart these locks. I think we were both pretty stoked at the outcome! If you've got questions about your locks, or you wanna start a new set altogether, shoot me an email! Have a great weekend!