Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Daily Dread

This adorable face belongs to Kate! Her dreads took 5 hours straight - no rest for the wicked.

Speaking of no rest - I normally have more to say, but the Cocaine Moustache boys and Nashville Pussy rocked my face off last night, and I've gotta get it together enough to roll to Derby practice asap. Happy Friday, everyone!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Last Saturday afternoon I had a sit with Andrea, who came all the way from Campbell River! Andrea had been a client of another dread stylist, so the pressure was on. She was expecting a lot outta me... and on a Saturday, too.

The Mission: Andrea has about 30 locks, and she loves them. What she wasn't so keen on was the level of coverage she was getting as they grew out. So our mission this day was to start with the basics and maintain her roots - then pull on our fancypants for adding volume and density by filling in those gaps!

Step one: fulfill client's Rapunzel fantasy! Just kidding... I think. Look at that face! Clearly someone's enjoying themselves here. We're done the maintenance and just finished installing the superridiculouslyhighquality kanekalon fiber at the root of every one of Andrea's locks, some in her natural colour, others in subtle (and not-so-subtle) highlights. I back away so that she may bask in the synthetic glow...

And Ta freakin' DA! Mission :Accomplished! A few hours of steamy
action later (stop right there, gutterbrain...) and all that loose hair is twisted up nice and tight in Synth Dreads, sitting snugly between Andrea's natural locks. Each individual section now has 3 dreads springing from it, bumping her total up from 30 to 90! That is a seriously full head of hair!

With a few washes, those synth dreads lose their New Lock Shine - they blend in really well with natural dreads. As her hair continues to grow, I'll move those locks up to the roots again and again - the quality of the hair is so good, you can keep using the same locks for years. When she gets tired of the turquoise, we'll switch it up, easy as a snip of thread! (That's easy, yo.) Should Andrea choose not to reinstall her synth, she can instead put them onto an elastic fall and tie them in when it suits her.

Thanks for hanging out, Andrea - it was a wicked time! Looking forward to seeing you in the spring :)

Our Daily Dread

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Vincent. We first met about two months ago when he dropped in for a consult, only to have me turn him away; alas, his hair was too short.
So I was happy to see his name on the books in the morning, and stoked because dreads are the perfect way to dust off the cobwebs from the weekend!

Vincent requested average/slightly-larger-than-average sections, so I gave him the spiel about length loss (a la Ariel) and when I got the okay, off we went.

It's not tuff to tell that Vincent is a pretty fun guy to spend an afternoon with. We chatted about all sorts of stuff, which is how I learned about his awesome Origami CD cases - a really great idea for bands who don't wanna have to buy a case-lot of jewel cases. For more info, check out Vincent's website here!