Thursday, April 7, 2011


Hey all! Here's an update of a decidedly personal nature!

This Saturday, I'll be playing in the Terminal City Rollergirls Season Opener with my team, the Riot Girls!
It's the highlight of 6 months of working long days in the shop and long nights on the track. Honestly, I'm wicked nervous - but I'm SO excited! I hope some of you can come out and join the party!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dread Week!

Dread Week has come and gone, and as predicted by a realistic few I had no time to update the blog amongst the craziness that was last week! (It's the Terminal City RollerGirls Season Opener on Saturday night, so in addition to making some of the most rad dreads around I've been leaving the shop to go directly to practice. I have no expectations that practice will make perfect, but I'm counting on it making me less prone to falling on my face in front of 2,000 people.)

Here's what was keeping me so busy - a week's worth of Our Daily Dread!

You've already met Shanda ;)

This is Salome, who once again proves the point that fine hair is no obstacle to awesome locks!

Caitlyn (and her last "traditional" salon experience in a while) introduced me to Mrs. Brown's Boys, a seriously inappropriate Irish comedy that had me laughing so hard I snorted. In public. And yet I still really like her ;)

Kathryn's pre-lightened hair was so wicked to dread! I love blond locks, and I'm really stoked to see how they look come maintenance time! (She also brought a day's worth of 'Community' episodes, thus introducing me to the the reason I got nothing accomplished on my day off.)

A giant thanks to everyone who came in last week (including Sioban with her maintenance) you made a very, very busy week a ton of fun. And I'm totally not just saying that. Big time good times!