Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Daily Dread

Our Daily Dread today is Angela, all the way from Calgary. She's wanted dreads for ages, and after doing her research, she decided the KB Lock Shop is the place to get started! We spoke briefly on the phone, and consulted in depth in person as well. This is a lady who knows what she wants, and she wants the best dreads around! (Happy to oblige, ma'am.) She also wanted to keep as much length as possible, while keeping her dreads on the small side.

When Angela walked in she had her hair tied up in a braid. That was one hella big braid, friends, and you can see what I was dealing with when I took that hair-tie out. I'm not sure the picture really captures the sheer magnitude of hair on this woman's head. It was EPIC. With hair this dense and long, I knew I was settling in for the night. (Didn't think it would take quite as long as it did, ever the optimist. Thank goodness for small noggins!) We kept the sections small, and wove the hair all the way to the bottom. She ended up with over 70 tightly woven and tapered locks, and a ponytail the size of.. well, a pony's tail. From start to finish, this took just over 9 hours. I think we're both pretty happy with the results! (And that we got out before midnight.)