Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Silent Night, Dreadly Night

It's only 9 days until Christmas, and I'm celebrating in the traditional North American fashion by running myself so ragged that by the time Christmas actually rolls around I'll be good for nothing but crankily snapping at fruitcake-bearing relatives and throwing hot wassail in the face of unwary carolers. But you! You can have a lovely Christmas! There's still hope for you!

If someone in your circle is stumped about what to gift you this season, let them know about Knotty Boy Gift Certificates! What better way for Mom to express her love while also suggesting that perhaps a professional could... (Just a little.) You and I both know this is a gift she'll truly enjoy giving ;) Available in $10, $20, and $50 amounts, they can be redeemed in the shop for services with yours truly, or for any of Knotty Boy's awesome all-natural products! You should probably also bookmark, just to be safe.

I'm pretty sure I just saved Christmas. (You're welcome!) Anyone looking to purchase gift certificates can call the shop at 1-877-566-8748 for more info. Happy Shopping Holiday!

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