Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3 Month Update: Brenna

Some of you might remember Brenna, my super-late-night dread adventure from back in November. Here's her before and after from that day:

January marks three months from her installation, so it's definitely maintenance time. I like to post these "way after" pics because they really illustrate to folks all the stuff I try to drill in on creation day: They'll get bigger! The sections will fill in! They'll look natural, I swear! It also really shows that if you do your homework, they'll mature months faster than backcombed-and-waxed dreads.

There's nothing wrong with starting your own locks without help! Knotty Boy even made a freely available video to teach you how to DIY. (If you do buy the DVD, I'm the peanut gallery laughing at Becca in the background. I'm also the PA, AD, and cue-card girl!) But if you don't have time on your side, there's a definite advantage to getting your dreads woven in the shop. My clients don't have to wait for their hair to form knots over weeks of re-backcombing, the knots are there from Day One. They just need to be maintained with a simple routine. By their first trip in to see me, shop-started locks typically have about an inch of new growth dread and their lengths felted up - no combing required. I've never seen a faster natural start-up method.

Thanks to Brenna for braving the Duke Point ferry, and for taking such nice care of her hair. It's always a pleasure to see people who love their locks!


  1. What, exactly, is the difference between locks that are "woven in the shop", and locks that follow KB intructions for starting them at home?

  2. The difference between shop started locks and ones started at home is really the weaving. It's knots right from the first day, as opposed to backcombing them and using wax to bind it together until it becomes knots. Both techniques will yield you awesome dreads, the difference is in how much time it takes to get there.