Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Guy Behind That Business Card

I want to introduce you to one of the nicest, sweetest guys to swing by my chair. Sean's been coming in for years to get his locks touched up, and every time I see him he's got a new tale to share with me. A few years back he gave me his business card, and it's still the one that every single client asks me about!

This guy is my kind of awesome. Sean's the man behind the One Week Job Project, which took him to 52 different occupations over the course of a year in fearless pursuit of his passion. From Wyoming cowboy to military helicopter pilot, to mascot for the Washington Capitals, Sean's maybe actually done it all. (I remember him coming in for maintenance that year when he was Mayor of his hometown.) Since then, he's written a book about his experiences that totally knocked my socks off, and put together a documentary featured on the CBC.

Basically, I can't write well enough to do justice to how inspired I was by reading this book. It's really, really good. Really. I can't recommend enough that you cruise by and learn about all the stuff he's up to in the words of the man himself.

(Also, his dreadlocks are super nice.)

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