Saturday, March 5, 2011

3 Month Update: Andrea

Andrea trekked down from Campbell River to get her locks maintained, and I thought to share a pic to show folks what Synth Dreads will look like after a few months in your hair. Back when I installed this set, I posted that these dreads will start to look more natural and blend in with natural locks. When they're first tied in, the synth hair still has a very high sheen (Look at my self control! No Charlie joke!) but you can see here that they really do mellow out with a little time. Here's the before and after:

Barring the pretty obvious turquoise (and new bright orange!) the brown dreads are pretty hard to pick out from her natural locks. Remember, 2/3 of these dreadlocks didn't grow out of her head! The ends of the natural coloured synth mimic the loose taper of her own existing locks, making the overall effect pretty darn sneaky! One of the nicest things about this service is that you only pay for making the Synth dreads once; Andrea's appointment this go round was half the time and half the price, and she'll be retying these locks for many more sessions to come!

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  1. Wow, seeing the comparison dreads are certainly fatter than before and they do blend quite nicely. I would say that 90% of people that talk to me about my hair - and that is a lot of people - have no idea that any are synth! I love Kris, she is SUCH a GEM!! and I love love LOVE my dreadlocks! Best relationship I have EVER had :)