Saturday, September 17, 2011


This is one heck of an overdue post, but I hope you'll forgive me when I share my news with you!

A ton of you already know via the Facebook and Knotty Boy webpages, but for those who have't checked in for awhile… The Knotty Boy Lock Shop and Salon is now The Dreadquarters!

What's up with that, you ask? Basically, Adrianna and I split the day-to-day operations of Knotty Boy down the middle, allowing her and Knotty Boy to focus completely on bringing you the world's finest all-natural hair products, while still backing us exclusively as the only Official Knotty Boy Concept Salon! We've known and trusted each other for so long that it was a natural next step for both of us. I know there's no better product for my clients than Knotty Boy, and Knotty Boy can refer their customers to us with complete confidence - they've watched happy, healthy dreads walk out of the building for years!

We miss having everybody upstairs, but Becca and I having our own shop is a dream we've held since hair school. (And that was a longish time ago.) Hell, we even lured Christine back! The three of us are excited to strike out on our own, but we'll never forget our Knotty roots; working with Knotty Boy to make sure you always have a place for stellar dread care is our number one priority. Us gals at The Dreadquarters are always available to answer your questions and walk you through the tough spots.

It's exciting, and it's scary… but mostly it's the same! If you still aren't sure what the heck I'm jabbering about, I made this incredibly messy (but possibly handy!) set of graphics for you!

Truly, all of us at The Dreadquarters are so grateful for the support you've given us as we've transitioned over in the last month! It means everything to us! Join us at for new blog entries (things are starting to settle now, I will have new blog posts!) and drop by the big green house on Grant Street any time to say hi! Here's all the important info again!

The Dreadquarters
1721 grant street (just off commercial drive)

open tuesday through saturday by appointment from 10am

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