Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dreadlock Maintenance: Oxymoron?

Yeah, don't think I haven't heard that before. And yeah, some people are content just letting them do their thing, but don't feel like that's your only valid option. Fact is, dreads don't start out perfect. More accurately, they don't stay perfect. They move, they change, they bunch up, they shrink, they expand. All the time! That's totally fine, and 100% normal. If you got your dreads started with me, I know you've gotten the palmrolling spiel and I've put the fear into you about not doing your homework... but we're just rolling into Fall around here, and for those folks who've neglected their noggins for the sake of sun and fun? It's time to pay the piper. (Psst - the piper is me!)

So, why do you want to come in and see me? (other than my s
parkling wit and dazzling smile?) Root Maintenance is like the cleaning lady you only shell out for once a season. Sure, you're not getting out of doing the dishes or vacuuming - but it's nice to hand the heavy lifting to the pros once in a while, right? Maintenance is especially helpful to the newly dreadful, but I've got plenty of long-time clients who come in when they need to spruce up a bit. When I put in a set of locks, I recommend seeing that person once every 3-4 months for the first year, and as needed after that. When you come in, I'll be working in 3 key areas:

* re-sectioning dreads at the scalp and tidying up joins
* re-tightening undreaded roots
* re-incorporating loose hair at the scalp

These 7 year old dreads belong to Sylvia, who hung out in my chair yesterday. They look amazing (on the way to her knees!) and she maintains them well herself. She wasn't looking to reinvent the wheel here - she just wanted to clean up the sections and tighten up the roots. (We also touched up the greys on top, but that's a story for another piece.) So, a couple hours later, here she is - same dreads, just tidier and easier to maintain at home.

You don't have to "just deal" with messy dreads! So, if your boss is looking at you sideways, if you're a bridesmaid in your sister's wedding, if you don't wanna look like Sideshow Bob at Prom?
Come hang out in my chair! I'll leave the GameBoy out for ya.