Friday, February 11, 2011

3 Month Update: Justin

This is Justin shaking out his brand new dreads on his installation day, actually 5 months ago now that I check. Yesterday he rolled into town to get some love for his locks, and in my world he flew all the way from Red Deer just for that purpose. (Just go with it, ok?)

Over on the left is a closeup of his felted locks as they were when he walked in the door. He's got a good solid inch of dread up past his grown-out threads, which we beefed up a bit by weaving in the new growth. You can also see in the photo that the new dread is a bit flattened out. It isn't ideal but it is pretty normal; it's tough to palmroll right up to the roots, especially when you're just learning. But no worries, that's what the thread's for - training wheels until you get a feel for it! With a little more wet palmrolling that'll shape up in no time.

All in all, Justin's dreads are looking pretty rad, and I'm damn proud to have had a hand in 'em. He let me know that though he was a bit skeptical at first, he loves his hair more and more every day - which is pretty damn sweet to hear.

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