Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our Daily Dread

This here's Ian, who took the time out of a Whistler boarding vacation to come down to see me in the Big Green House and get some dreadlocks started today!

This was some of the easiest hair to dread I've had in a while, for real. Starting at 12 o'clock, I was at the top of his head by 3pm! Totally awesome. Check out his wicked after picture:

(Which we both thought was pretty hilarious, though I find it needing more eyebrow.)

How's about we let your last view be the one NOT brought to you by your local Sear's Portrait Studio, ok? Seriously, how awesome does this guy look with locks? When those sections fill in he's going to look like he was born with them. A total pleasure to work with and work on!

Speaking of working, folks are always asking me what it is I do to start locks. Ian was kind enough to let us film his head for a quick demo of how his locks got started, in real time. Check it out if you're curious!


  1. That was an awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

  2. are you crocheting them? would this be a good way to start dreads at home or is the backcomb palm roll method the best?

  3. is there a technique to using the crochet hook or is it just in-out and twist the hair? you go so fast it's hard to tell!

  4. Thanks for leaving your questions, dudes!

    I am crocheting the dreads. There is a technique to what I'm doing, but everyone of course has their own. I prefer to work more on the surface of the lock, as opposed to repeatedly poking through - I find it less damaging, and less painful to my clients. There are certainly people who have started their dreadlocks using this technique at home, but I'd caution anyone who wants to try to GO SLOWLY! I'm a pro, and I do this every day - that speed was hard won. (I've got the battle scars to prove it.)

    PS - A crochet hook is NOT a substitute for palmrolling! Dreads will not felt if they aren't allowed to move around and relax. Hooks are awesome to start and repair dreads, but palmrolling is the best tool in your arsenal for keeping them in shape.